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Learn how Chhimbal achieves 80k+ subscribers in Just 6 Months by using the Flicknexs video-on-demand platform.

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Take your customer's attention with a stunning video streaming platform.

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Flicknexs is the all-in-one white label video-on-demand platform that allows you to launch an OTT solution for a perfect streaming experience for mobile devices and TV.

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Launch your video streaming service using any of the stunning video website themes and templates. Our themes are designed to shine and change, and you can create them on your own



Organize your videos in a secure location to seamlessly share and join with customers. Our experts will help you to build a stable & scalable business.



Promote your product or service with our video marketing tools or launch a subscription streaming service for your videos.

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Video On Demand

Flicknexs is a complete solution for managing, publishing, distributing and profit-oriented your video content, including CMS, CDN, HTML5 video player and more.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Stream High-Quality Live Video to Your Viewers on Any Device include Interactivity Such as Live Chat, Q&A, Record the Stream and shape it Available as Video-On-Demand.

Audio/Video Streaming

Audio/Video Streaming

A world-class video platform provides a one-in-all audio/video streaming platform serving to OTT needs of various industries via On-Demand, Live Streaming and online store.

Video On Demand Solutions

All you want to develop your OTT-business

World-class Infrastructure

Smooth infrastructure built to extend

  • Encoding & Transcoding
  • HTML 5 video player

Monetize Your Way

Monetize your content via customizable revenue models

  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV) / TVOD
  • Subscription (SVOD)
  • Video Advertising (AVOD)
  • Content Partner Portal

Complete Services

Give stunning and thrilling streaming experiences to your Audience

  • Audio/Video Streaming Platforms
  • CMS Management for OTT Providers and Platforms
  • eLearning Platforms
  • Live Streaming Platforms

Built-In 100+ Features

  • Analytics & Reports
  • Built-in DRM Security
  • Watermarking

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Bandwidth 1 TB per year 5 TB per year 20 TB per year 10 TB per month
Storage 50 GB storage 150 GB storage 300 GB storage 1 TB storage
Video on demand website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video APIs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video hosting & streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network (CDN) No Yes Yes Yes
Pre, Mid & Post Roll Advertising No Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Channels No No Yes Yes
Multiple video monetization options No No Yes Yes
Third-party integration No No Yes Yes
Mobile Apps No Android, iOS Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV*, Android TV* Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV*, Android TV*
Transcoding No No Yes Yes
MBR No No Yes Yes
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Per month

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Per month

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Bandwidth 100 TB per month 100 TB per month 100 TB per month
Storage 4 TB storage 6 TB storage 10 TB storage
Video on demand website Yes Yes Yes
Video APIs Yes Yes Yes
Video hosting & streaming Yes Yes Yes
Content delivery Yes Yes Yes
Network (CDN) Yes Yes Yes
Pre, Mid & Post Roll Advertising Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Channels Yes Yes Yes
Multiple video monetization options Yes Yes Yes
Third-party integration Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Apps Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV*, Android TV* Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV*, Android TV* Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV*, Android TV*
Transcoding Yes Yes Yes
MBR Yes Yes Yes
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About Us

Flicknexs is an all-in-one streaming solution. We solves our clients’ toughest challenges giving them one of the best solutions to scale their video business

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Privacy Policy

Flicknexs Privacy Policy controls Customers Data Information, Data Security Compliance, Property Rights and more trustable for our users.

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As they set out our and your legal rights and obligations in relation to services offered by Flicknexs


1. What is VOD in streaming?

VOD stands for Video-On-Demand. It is an approach whereby video content are stored in online libraries and delivered to people on demand. Traditional television’s, videos are pre-recorded but they are not on-demand and they cannot be accessed to the advantage of the end user/ viewer. But in VOD anyone can view the online catalogue at any time, from any device.

You can have a wide range of revenue strategies to improve business growth. Some monetization models are:

  • Advertising-based (AVOD) video-on-demand
  • Pay-Per-View (TVOD or transactional) video-on-demand
  • Subscription-based (SVOD) video-on-demand

With Video Streaming Platform, you can get your unique subscribers through whom you can monetise. You can create your own brand and that can be leveraged to your advantage over a period of time.

You own the content, you are the owner to the features, functions of the store/ site.

It has changed the way people consume media because it offers the viewer freedom over how and when they watch on any device at any time. This means people can watch content on their time using smartphones, laptops, and tablets, besides to an internet-connected television at home

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to streaming services and content (like Netflix) that stream to users via the internet, an alternative to a traditional broadcast system.

When videos are streamed via youtube will have their logo on the player, where you come to understand who the service providers are. With our platform, you don't have a trace of flicknexs on it. You can stream it as you own it 100%.

After you sign up, you can access all the features in the Enterprise or Pro Plan for 14 days. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with Flicknexs before you buy the product.

In addition to owning your audience, you also own 100% of your content,assets and data. Use Flicknexs to simply monetize your video content.

Yes we use a global CDN server so that your viewers can watch your content anywhere, anytime seamless.

Flicknexs integrates with visa, Mastercard, Paypal and stripe.

No, we don’t restrict you to upload videos by count. You can upload unlimited videos as long as your plan supports it.

Yes, you can select to upgrade your subscription any time you’d want it & it can be happening instantly. If you want to downgrade or cancel your subscription, you can simply choose ‘Plans & Billing’ in your Flicknexs account to change your subscription details.

  1. Users can stream video on multiple devices like laptops, mobiles, smart TVs, and Tabs connected to the internet.
  2. Users can watch the video from anywhere and at any time.
  3. Users can watch movies, television shows, and sports events with a single subscription plan which is much cheaper when compared to money spent going to theatres to watch movies.

When there is a live streaming event, whether it's sports events or music concerts, more users are likely to watch live streaming video content. After the live streaming event, most users will spend time watching on-demand video content available on the OTT streaming service. So consumers mostly consume on-demand video (VOD) content on OTT streaming services.

Users using apps or websites to stream video content online is known as the OTT platform. OTT platform providers are those that build OTT platforms for businesses and Video creators.

  • White-label Video Streaming Feature
  • Video Content Management System(CMS) to organize video file
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming(ABR)
  • Detailed analytics dashboard
  • Video Monetization Support
  • Social sharing option
  • Different payment gateways
  • Video player
  • Security Features that include DRM, SSO, AES encryption, and Dynamic Watermarking

*Android TV and Amazon Fire TV will be handed over by the end of December 2022

Flicknexs allow you to stream video content on different platforms, including IPTV. Flicknexs provides bandwidth, servers, and distribution channels required for video streaming on IPTV. All that is needed is just signup with Flicknexs, choose your plan, and start uploading video content.

Platform owners can monetize video content using different monetization models. Users can buy the video content and download it to watch it at any desired time. Flicknexs also allows you to live stream video content without any complexities.

To make video demand software more successful, we consider features such as refined content management, a better monetization system, uninterpreted streaming infrastructure, superior analytics, integrated marketing automation tools, and a great user experience.

Choosing the superlative VOD streaming software starts with defining your video streaming business strategy and deciding if you're developing, buying, or subscribing to a custom live streaming platform.

Of course, yes, you can build your own OTT platform; you don't even need to pool a hundred thousand to launch an OTT platform. Now you can affordably build your own OTT business with Flicknexs with no coding or involvement from any IT support team.

All you need is Flicknexs, as a future-proof video solution provider, to build an OTT platform leveraging our knowledge and experience with live streaming solutions.

Once you build your OTT platform, you can start earning profits and popularity with the help of the subscribers you pull to your platform, and collaborating with content creators will assure you a better return on investment.

Nowadays, it's easy to build an OTT platform by going through the following steps:

  • Find a niche.
  • Start Creating Content.
  • Select monetization method.
  • Choose a video streaming platform provider like Flicknexs.

With the rise of the VOD platforms, it's essential to build a video solution that is user-friendly and solves most challenges and limitations in consuming video content, such as new solutions – such as the white label OTT platform.

Undoubtedly, white-label OTT solutions would be a game-changer in the emerging video streaming trend. There is still an open space for emerging OTT businesses; start building one for yourself with Flicknexs.

A white-label video on demand is a platform designed to list, manage, and automate the sales and marketing funnel for video streaming service providers looking to scale like you.

There will never be a limit, for sure. With an increase in the distribution of video content on the OTT platform, more content creators are moving to the OTT platform, which increases audiences and revenue growth by up to 35%.

If you're a content creator, you're on the right hand. Just follow, considering the do-it-yourself approach. Go and . . .

  • Build an OTT platform with the right solution.
  • Launch it on all your video content that sells.
  • Manage the app's performance and monetize it.
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